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Khajur Gift Box

 – The sweet fruit of the date palm tree, dates are popular worldwide as a super food. These fruits are rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and fibre that provide multiple health benefits for the human body and mind. Being one of the most versatile foods, dates can be consumed fresh as they are picked from palm trees, or dried and preserved for a considerable amount of time.

There are more than 600 varieties of dates with different shapes and flavors, but the Ajwa date variety is exceptionally prominent throughout the world. Ajwa-Sukari date is a celebrated assortment of dates, grown exclusively in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Ranging from a dark brown to almost black color, these dates are delightfully soft and fruity with a prune-like taste and tend to be of a dry variety.

– Normal Dates

  • Title: Khajur
  • Premium Quality of  Dates
  • Jumbo Size every piece
  • 100% Original Dates
  • Imported from Madinah Sharif
  • Fresh-looking Stock
  • No Compromise on Quality of the Product
  • Unpolished
  • Delicious in Taste
  • Natural source of energy


Teeb provide you with top-quality dates having the same calorie content as dry fruits which will help you maintain your nutrition profile.

Ajwa (عجوة) is a soft dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. It is cultivated in the city of Madinah. Dates (Khajoor or Khajur), Has a dark brown to black skin, mildly sweet flesh with a raisin-like texture, and is referred to as a holy date by Muslims. The sukari-ajwa Dates have the healthiest components available.

  • -Teeb Special Dates Box Dates
  • -Special Pack
  • -Premium Quality
  • -Net Weight: 1000g
  • -Jumbo Size
  • 100% premium Quality
  • Imported
  • Special Packet
  • Jumbo size
  • Best Price
Special Teeb Gift Khajoor box Available
1. Free Delivery Service (Above 3kg order)
2. Check Before Payment
3. 7 Days Return & Exchange Policy
4. Import From Saudia Arabia


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